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     YATAI Real Estate in China

     YATAI Real Estate  Development with the Base in Jilin  With Overall Arrangement All Over China 

     Residing At Yatai Project, Feeling the Future 

     As one of the pillar industries of YATAI Group, YATAI Real Estate industry is composed of 13 enterprises and 1 R&D

center, and its total assets are as high as 19.6 Billion Yuan. By virtue of the 29 year development,it has become a 

large scale real estate development enterprise with clear professional division of labor and complete industrial chain 

structure, and it integrates primary land consolidation, secondary grade real estate development, building construction,

decoration, environmental engineering, property service and heating supply service into one.                  

     Founded in 1986, YATAI Real Estate Development Company is a Chinese national comprehensive real estate development

enterprise with first-grade qualification. YATAI Real Estate always regards “constructing the house affordable by the 

common people”as its own duty, and it possesses the annualcomprehensive development capacity of 1.50 Million m2 and

 marketing capacity of 0.70 Million m2, and it has accumulatively developed, completed and delivered 5.09 Million m2 

area for use.In 2011, YATAI Group restructured Hainan Lanhai Group Investment Holding Company Limited,which enlarged 

its real estate business from residential housing real estate and commercial real estate into tourist real estate, 

ecological real estate, primary land consolidation and other fields, and its development projects also have expanded to

 five provinces and ten cities in China; thus, it has formed the management pattern of “with layout covers the whole 

country, development in large-scale and integrated development”.

      With regard to real estate supporting business, the real estate industry possesses the national first-grade 

construction engineering contracting qualification with the annual building construction comprehensive contracting

 capacity of 0.50 Million m2; the Company possesses the national first-grade decoration engineering qualification,

 first-grade curtain wall construction qualification, Jilin Province Landscaping Secondary-Grade Qualification; 

the Company possesses national first-grade property management qualification, with property service capacity of 

7.14 Million m2, served 33,960 households, and heating supply service management capacity of 10 Million m2.

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