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Han Dongyang  

General Manager of Jilin YATAI Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.

     During the past 30 years since its foundation in 1986, as a Chinese top 500 listed Companies, YATAI Group has developed its 

business cross multiple industrial chain which covers building materials, pharmaceuticals, real estate, finance, commerce & trade; 

YATAI Real Estate always develops professional and efficient industry leading development capacity by adhering to the Corporate 

Philosophy “Accomplishing Excellence by Innovation, Creating Future by Foresight”, takes compacted, robust and powerful marching 

paces to fulfill the development strategy “Development with the Base in Jilin, With Overall Arrangement All Over China”, realizes

 the great-leap-forward development in multiple projects and cross-regional projects; therefore, the Company has won the honorary 

title “Chinese Top 100 Real Estate Enterprise” for four consecutive years. 

      Looking back to the past 30 years, we, YATAI Real Estate contributed our sincerest efforts to create one and another classic

projects for real estate owners all over China, and also created more happy sharing moments for YATAI life. The nationalized 

development landscape of YATAI has been expanded from Changchun, Jilin, Songyuan, Shenyang, Penglai, Tianjin, Nanjing to Hainan……

The ceaseless and continuous accumulations of our Company since establishment have brought us a remarkable status in the real estate industry, which undoubtedly is an honor and also is a kind of responsibility. We will build more reliable and elegant 

mainstream high quality life for consumers in the future. 

      Since brand life was created by the time, YATAI product and life stand the test of time, and consumers can enjoy the high 

quality life feelings from aspects of architecture to property service. YATAI promotes the exploration and innovation in aspects 

such as regional layout, commercial layout, product structure, management mode, financing channels and other aspects based on a 

scale, professional and branding development orientation as its development strategy for a purpose of creating another new high 

record in brand value and sales performance for YATAI Real Estate.

      We, YATAI people, aim at and responsible for creating the beautiful life for real estate owners beyond the limit of 70 years.

 Looking forward to the future, YATAI Real Estate regards building an evergreen long-lasting century-old estate as its long-term

 development target, and it is dedicated to develop in a manner of keeping pace with the times, being pioneering and innovative,

 meeting the reality and potential needs of customers foreseeingly, so as to become a leading enterprise in Chinese real estate 

industry. YATAI is rooted in realizing real estate development and future beautiful life, and offers consumers the elegant YATAI 

life for a period longer than 70 years.

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